Your comfort zone could be your shackle, but unless you accept a challenge you would never know,

Your whole world could be the size of an atom, but unless you try to explore it you would never know,

That person whose smile you didn’t return could have been your best friend, but now you will never know,

You could probably walk on water, but until you let it wet your feet you would never know,

Thunder storms may have parted and rainbows may be shining, but unless you step out again you would never know,

That knife in your back could be a unicorn nudging you on, but until you turn around how would you ever know,

Demons in your closet could be angels dressed for Halloween, but until you let them out you will never know,

Broken shards of your heart may have joined back together, but until you love again you would never know,

Valleys and mountains you have crossed and the road ahead is lined with flowers, but until you look up how will you ever know..