I held it and rocked it and lulled it to sleep

Then found a dark corner where I could howl and weep

The house was as messy as my hair and my life

I entered the kitchen and locked away the knife

I was already at the edge, I just needed a hand

Wanted to erase that image of me washed up on the sand

I knew I was better, I knew I was strong

I knew I had struggled through this way too long

If only I could find a way to plug that hole in my heart

If only I could bear the thought of living apart

I could pack up and walk out without turning back

Knowing what I had painted red had turned rotting black

I would open the heavy drapes that blocked out the sun

Maybe reminisce about times that used to be fun

It would not be a victory that I would like to shout from the hills

Just some needed relief from everything that kills

And remember that little thing I had rocked to sleep

I would whisper in its ears.. you shouldn’t love too deep