It was a life she lived with pride

Crashing or surfing with every passing tide

Dreams and hopes just multiplied

As she sung merrily at every Yuletide


Then the winds of change took over

Somehow her world seemed to move slower

Dark clouds descended lower and lower

She wished for luck from a four-leaved clover


Her life was now not hers to call

Joy was memories she could only recall

Restricting barriers that were impossibly tall

Threatened her to give up her all


Uprooted and planted in an alien place

Nothing seemed clear through the teary haze

Was this perpetual or just a passing phase

How could she escape this perplexing maze


Black nights stood witness to a muffled cry

Smiles had evaporated leaving behind a sigh

How life changes in the blink of an eye

She reflected in remorse while she waved goodbye


Dreams were snatched and replaced with duty

Mundane was her life, devoid of beauty

To her it was the definition of cruelty

It seemed impossible – this life without novelty


Maybe it was time to take a closer look at things

To open up the window and let the chirpy birds sing

To give life a chance and see what it brings

To get launched into space like a pebble from a sling


She put her hopes back in that four-leaved clover

Her feet may be tied but her heart was a rover

She aimed for the stars but landed a little lower

After all it is not over till she says it is over !