I don’t believe that this life we have is the beginning and the end

Great things may still happen, the unexpected could be around the bend

We could not have been born to live a life so trivial

Each day a struggle in the race for survival

The universe so vast sprawls out beyond our imagination

And here we sit on our planet pitting nation against nation

We ought to have a bigger role in the unravelled cosmic plan

Where we could be superheroes not just ‘fragile mortal man’

There are galaxies out there, suns and stars we haven’t seen

And we are confined to rotating about an axis, what does this really mean

It’s like you could leap and fly and dive but you’re only allowed to jump

I would rather meet some aliens than choose between Hillary and Trump

Man was granted the freedom to choose between good and bad

But take a look around you, the outcome is really sad

Some may say we’ve done great and present rockets and satellites as proof

One look into the eyes of a bleeding, dying man and you’ll know all this is just a spoof

Yes, we were given the beautiful life sustaining Earth to live and do as we please

But we need to admit we made a mess of it and now we hope all this would cease

Let’s be born again in a world that is safe for every person, every child, every stray

Or let’s burn down this hell we’ve created and move to a galaxy far, far away..