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Let’s start at the very beginning..

My parents just adored me and lovingly named me Pearl
but then my mother had a hard time trying to make me ‘behave like a girl’

The tomboy phase hasn’t passed yet and you will usually find me in jeans
a defiant streak they called it, I still don’t know what it means

School was never a problem as I had a truck load of awesome friends
I had my own easy-going style back then, never really followed the trends

Adulthood was a bumpy road and I absolutely detested the change
growing up was just so boring I found it way out of my range

The first opinion about me ranges from sweet to shy to proud
not one of these is accurate though, they are just guesses from the crowd

Adjectives that really describe me are emotional, stubborn and sarcastic
it’s not really as bad as it sounds; I also have the occasional streak of fantastic

Be true to me and I will love you for life, our journey could actually be great
try playing games and I’ll remind you that this Sagittarian has some Scorpion traits

Fries, chocolates, books, dogs, SRK, FRIENDS and winters are few of the things I love
I also believe in the power of the pen and in the mercies of our Creator above..



  1. Hi Pearl!

    This is great!! I am so happy to see your blog and read your thoughts!!

    Loads of good wishes!

    Go Girl!!!!

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